About me

I gather my first professional experience in a cigarette-concern based in Hamburg.

As young professional I learned at first how research & development affected the future of innovative companies.

I had to manage a small task group in these days. Our activities focuses on the method development for measuring quality parameters and on the design of instruments to record this data.

Later on, I gained experience in process improvement and how to scale up these results in pilot plants.

I learned to initialize, arrange and process capital spending projects.

Next fourteen years I spent in the surrounding area of Hannover, working for pharmaceutical companies and in a plant engineering company. In these overall three firms I led numerous employees in engineering-, construction- and production departments.

Two of these companies were medium-sized enterprises.

Thus, I learned to adapt my group knowledge to the needs of smaller companies.

I came to appreciate short decision ways.

I learned to motivate employees to take responsibility. I learned to inspire them to achieve common goals and to provide a top performance.

As an independent engineering consultant I collaborated on several large capital spending projects in the last seven years.

Amoung my customers are well-known pharmaceutical companies.

Already in 2004 I founded this engineering office based on the idea, to use my knowledge to serve my clients as a free project manager.

I define myself as an external interim manager in terms of a committed and active participant and supporter.

I do not seek short engagements, no quick fixes and no way of making easy money.

I am looking for a partnership creating a win-win situation, a trusting an involved relationship.

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