About my network

A network is always a good idea,

  • if it helps to exchange valuable experiences and thus also
  • provides my customers even better support.

This page is under construction and will be updated as soon as possible.

By the very nature of things, I can support only two or three projects at a time.

That is precisely the reason why I forthcoming suggest to you a range of addresses of personally known colleagues at this place;


  • I have already cooperate with,
  • I can cooperate with, even on larger projects,,
  • with special qualifications e.g. CSV or automation & control or
  • who simply can 'get on board in your project', if I'm not available.

Of course, this placement is without commitment, free of commission and has no right to completeness.

You can be sure that all colleagues, that are displayed here, have wide experience and enjoys an outstanding reputation in pharmaceutical companies.


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